1st SFB Data Think Tank

The 1st SFB Data Think Tank Event will take place from 4th to 6th of April 2022 at the Wissenschaftsetage, Potsdam (https://www.wis-potsdam.de/de/wis-wissenschaftsetage-im-bildungsforum). With this event, we bring academics from the SFB 1294 and external partners from MTU (https://www.mtu.de) and Bayer (https://www.bayer.com/en/) together. The plan is to facilitate an exchange of ideas, to describe a partner’s problem mathematically and identify solution strategies and approaches by working in interdisciplinary groups. This event will be a training opportunity for our PhDs and PostDocs as well as a networking opportunity with our external partners.

The schedule for the SFB Data Think Tank can be found here.

How to prepare:

Please bring your laptop and install Phython.

As mentioned before we are conducting our SFB Data Think Tank under 2G conditions (vaccinated or boostered, ideally self-tested on Monday morning). Please remember to bring your vaccinations papers/app or likewise as well as your ID or passport (with picture!) with you.