IRTG Workshop - Presentation Skills for Science and Research (Part I - online)

Peter Schröder, brain4hire online10:00 - 17:00

This workshop on Presentation Skills for Science and Research will be held by Dr. Peter Schröder and is mandatory for Doctoral researchers of our Center. The workshop is splitted in two parts on two different days.

Part I will take place online via zoom on June 2nd with the complete group covering basics and specific questions of presentation.

What do you need to participate?

Hardware: a PC / Notebook / Mac /Tablet with access to the internet and a microphone and camera, the following details focus on Pc / Notebook / Mac. The use of headphones is recommended to avoid feedback effects and additional noise. The quality of existing or build-in microphones and cameras will, mostly, be sufficient.

You will use two apps for the workshop: slack and zoom, both run within a browser window.

Slack: with the following link you will be able to register for slack and will be directed to the workspace, which is termed "brain4hire":

You should then join the channel you will work in:

#potsdam-presentation -

zoom: there Peter will provide you with a link to the zoom video conference we will be using. Please allow the use of both, your microphone and your camera when you first log in. You can always turn those off later. Peter will join the zoom meeting only shortly before our workshop starts.

In case of problems:

  • you can't get in to slack: eMail Peter - brain4hire[at]
  • zoom doesn't start or... contact Peter via slack

Part II will take place on June 16th and is splitted in 3 sessions with presentation plus feedback in smaller groups.