On the design of scientific visualization

Nicolas Rougier, INRIA, Bordeaux - 15:30

This is a co-organized colloquium with the Institute of Mathematics of the UP

Scientific visualization is classically defined as the process of graphically displaying scientific data. However, this process is far from direct, automatic or neutral. There are so many different ways to represent the same data: scatter plots, linear plots, bar plots, and pie charts, to name just a few. Furthermore, the same data, using the same type of plot, may be perceived very differently depending on who is looking at the figure. A more accurate definition for scientific visualization would be a graphical interface between people and data. During this talk, I do not pretend to explain everything about this interface but will aim instead at providing a basic set of rules and to explain some of the common pitfalls. Finally, I'll show some visuals related to mathematical objects.

Tea and coffee break at 3 pm.