1st IRTG Jamboree of the new cohort

From September 7th to September 9th the KiEZ Inselparadies in Petzow witnessed the first Jamboree of the new cohort of the SFB 1294. This event aimed at facilitating collaborations by gathering the PhD students and PostDocs of the SFB 1294. 

The Jamboree was organized by Katherine Briceno Guerrero and Josie König, was collectively designed and executed by the contributions of the PhDs and Postdocs. Each activity was led by a pair of students. Therefore, the agenda was build to address the common challenges of PhDs and Postdocs in a safe, respectful, and open space. 

The highlights on the program included a session as the stablishment of the porpuse and intention, ice-breaking activities to know each other names and backgrounds, an anonymous inventory of personal and academical satisfaction, and creative poster presentation, project pitch, and stress management sessions. Most of the material was created as a collection of experiences and knowledge from the participants and other SFB members.