1st SFB 1294 Roboter Coder Dojo

The first Roboter Coder Dojo took place last Sunday and was a lot of fun for everybody involved. Around 15 kids from age 5 to 14, accompanied by their parents, tried out programming with the little Dash and Dot robots. Eight different stations were set up and everybody who completed the tasks received a Dash and Dot 'drivers - license'.

On two tables, set up by the STEM-promotion section of the University of Potsdam, kids could also program Roberta (Lego Mindstorm) and Calliope mini. And who was still eager to train his programming skills further could work though different apps designed to interest and teach young children the basics of programing.

Are you also interested in coding? Why not stop by at one of our next Roboter Dojos? Information on Coder Dojos can be found <link https: coderdojo.com _blank>here and more information and the dates of the next SFB 1294 Roboter Coder Dojo will be published soon.

Roboter Dojo Timelapse

(cc Márk Somogyvári)