3rd Data Think Tank

(photos by S. Reich)

Our 3rd Data Think Tank took place at the Potsdamer Wissenschaftsetage on February 14th and 15th. This year, the Think Tank was an internal event with partners from the University of Potsdam. On the first day, the PhD students and Postdocs of the CRC, as well as associated members, worked in small groups on the “Synchronicity of auditory speech signals and pupillometry changes and the role of pauses” introduced by Alan Langus from the CRC 1287, and “Causal inference: Independence of music-rhythm, language, and executive functions” presented by Enikő Ladányi from the cognitive science institute. On the second day, the participants developed different approaches on the “Extraction of cell contours from microscopy images”, introduced by Cristina Martinez Torres from CRC 1294 project B02.