Career Day on 'Research-based job opportunities'

We co-organized the 3. Career Day that took place on the 7th of November with the overarching headline “Research-based job opportunities – new careers - equal opportunities” and a special emphasis on data and data-based career. Almost one hundred PhD students and postdocs ceased the chance to gain insight new career opportunities – all related to Science and also Research. The day was kicked off by a Keynote talk about New Work (Lisa Rheinheimer, Geo.X) and Data Careers (Chris Armbruster, The Drivery), before Bianca Praetorius taught everyone present the Dos and Don’ts of Pitching their research and included a hands-on practical session. After the lunch break, which already gave an opportunity to network, participants had the chance to talk to our invited experts about different topics such ‘From Science to Data Science’, ‘Research Data Management’, ‘Scientific Digital Infrastructure’, ‘Research in Industry’, but also on related subjects such as ‘Innovation Policies and Research’ etc.

During the whole Career Day three conference reporters tried to find some common grounds in the talks and discussions and focused on the three cross-cutting issues equal opportunities, work life balance and a CV of failures, which highlighted that many ‘failures’ turn out good and it all depends on from which angle you look at them.

The Keynote and cross-cutting issues where captured in drawing by Franziska Schwarz (