SFB Focus Retreat of A01 and B02

The focus retreat of project A01 (Markus Reiß, Wilhelm Stannat, Gregor Pasemann, Jan Szalankiewicz, and associated member Sascha Gaudlitz) and project B02 (Carsten Beta, Matthias Holschneider, and Avinash Kumar Basavanaga) took place from June 02-04, 2022, at the hotel "Seezeit" in Mittenwalde (OT Motzen). The main aim of the retreat was to discuss mid- and long-term perspectives where synergies between biophysics (in particular, cell motility) and math (in particular statistics and stochastic differential equations) may have a lasting impact in the respective fields. We invited Cristina Martinez Torres from the Biological Physics department at University Potsdam, Till Bretschneider and Josiah Lutton (Warwick) as well as Randolf Altmeyer (Cambridge, former SFB 1294 member) as external guests. Till Bretschneider and Randolf Altmeyer already participated in SFB-related scientific projects. Cristina Martinez Torres and Josiah Lutton brought in their experience on generation and interpretation of experimental data.