Focus Retreat on Hiddensee 2022

Photo by Maia Tienstra

This focus retreat took place from October 8 to 11, 2022, at the Biological Station Hiddensee of the University of Greifswald on the beautiful island of Hiddensee. Research groups lead and represented by Han C. Lie (Guiseppe Carere); Sebastian Reich (Diksha Bhandari, Jin Kim, Jakiw Pidstrigach, Maia Tienstra, and guests César Ojeda and Brian Irwin); Jana de Wijles (Gottfried Hastermann, Katherine Briceño Guerrero, Marina Garcia Penaranda); as well as Gregor Pasemann from project A01 attended the retreat. Sebastian Reich, leading organizer of this retreat, was invited to lecture on the relation between control theory, reinforcement learning, and data assimilation. Han Lie was invited to talk about the low rank approximation in image reconstruction, as well as posterior consistency of non-linear Bayesian inverse problems with Gaussian Process priors. The doctoral and postdoctoral students presented and discussed immediate interests and questions of his/her/their projects and how they can better collaborate among the diverse groups represented. Lots of lively discussion ensued, as well as a lot of deciduous cooking and hiking.