Focus Retreat on Hiddensee 2023

This year a Focus Retreat on Hiddensee took place again. Jan Albrecht (B07), Diksha Bhandari (B09), Katherine Briceno Guerrero (B08), Gottfried Hastermann (B06), Jin Won Kim (A02), César Ali Ojeda Marin (associated), Manfred Opper (A06, B07, B08), Jakiw Pidstrigach (B03), Iris Rammelmüller (associated), Sebastian Reich (Z01, A02, A06, B03, B09), Lydia Stolpmann (Z01), and Maia Tienstra (A06) came together at the Biological Research Station of the University of Greifswald from October 8th to 11th to present and discuss their current work, and to exchange between the research projects.