Joint Workshop of TRR 181, SFB 1114 and SFB 1294 - Registration now open!

This three-day workshop will review our state of knowledge on energy budgets and energy transfers in the climate system and how they are represented in current computational models. The physical principles of these transfers and their numerical representation will be discussed. In addition, stochastic modelling and data assimilation schemes will receive particular attention in this context, as these are key to representing and controlling model uncertainties.

Each day we will focus on a different topic, which are the following:

Day 1  'Energy budgets and energy transfer in climate models and data'

Day 2  'Data Assimilation'

Day 3  'Stochastic modelling in atmosphere-ocean science'


Please find more information and register <link https: workshop-2019 _blank>here.

Registration Deadline is the 1st of February 2019 and the number of participants is restricted to 150.

We look forward to your contributions and interesting discussions.