Joint workshop with SFB1114 and TRR181

Our joint ‘Workshop on Conservation Principles, Data and Uncertainty in Atmosphere-Ocean Modelling’ of the TRR 181, SFB 1114 and SFB 1294 took place at Campus Griebnitzsee at the University of Potsdam from the 2nd to the 4th of April.

More than 100 scientists met to listen to talks focusing on the three main topics of the workshop: 'Energy budgets and energy transfer in climate models and data' (Patron TRR181), 'Data Assimilation' (Patron SFB 1294) and 'Stochastic modelling in atmosphere-ocean science' (Patron SFB 1114). Deeper discussions developed during the stand-up reception on the first evening and the joint poster session on Wednesday.

Presentations of the speakers will be uploaded soon in our open science section. For the program booklet and more information on workshop schedule please see the here.

SFB 1294 speaker Sebastian Reich welcomes everybody and opens the three day workshop
Invited speaker Roland Potthast during his talk
Discussions during the stand up reception
Lively exchange during the poster session
Everything is set for the poster session
Group picture of the participants of the joint workshop at the University of Potsdam Campus Griebnitzsee