2. Jamboree of the IRTG

cc Hendrik Gessner

From September 25th to September 27 the Feld-Wald-und-Wiesen-Schule in Brandenburg witnessed the second edition of the Jamboree of the SFB 1294. This event aimed first at facilitating collaborations by gathering the PhD students and PostDocs of the SFB 1294. During those three days each project presented their work through three talk sessions as well as a modified poster session.

The second objective of the Jamboree is to strengthenl interaction between young researchers of the IRTG program. To this end an exit game was organised on the first day, where people worked together to solve the many puzzles. During the second day the surrounding nature was explored during a two hours hike. Finally, during those three days the group worked together to prepare delicious meals such as pizzas, burger and curry.

The Jamboree was organized by Ted Moldenhawer, Daniel Schindler, Pierre Houdebert, Randolf Altmeyer and IRTG coordinator Liv Heinecke.